Fujitsu Cloud services, the freedom to choose

Fujitsu Cloud services are about giving you the freedom to choose without losing control. Our cloud portfolio covers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) and we complement these with a wide range of professional management and enablement services.

Fujitsu can help you bring together the cloud solutions and services that best match your operational and management needs, integrating these with your existing IT infrastructure. And our cloud professional services can rapidly and effortlessly close any gaps in your needs and redirect resources into activities that add value to your business.

Choose Fujitsu Cloud services, choose freedom without losing control.

Fujitsu Cloud Solutions

Fujitsu Cloud offers one of the world’s strongest cloud portfolios supported by the services you need to deliver real business value.


FUJITSU Cloud Software as a Service

Fujitsu offers a wide range of SaaS applications as subscription-based services – supported by implementation, customization and integration services.

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FUJITSU Cloud Platform as a Service

Fujitsu provides a wide range of PaaS services including platform, security and single sign-on, plus workflow integration technologies to give precisely the level of support you need.

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FUJITSU Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Fujitsu offers a choice of IaaS platforms: from trusted public cloud, local cloud to private cloud.

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FUJITSU Cloud Enablement and Management Services

Fujitsu has implemented a broad range of services to help you transition to cloud and various management options to successfully meet the needs of your business.

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Why Fujitsu Cloud?

Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform

Business cloud computing, solutions for the future

Cloud computing is not just a passing phenomenon – it is a paradigm shift set to change the entire business ecosystem. The future belongs to organizations that truly understand the game-changing potential of business cloud computing.

Solutions provided via the cloud offer obvious agility, control, speed and cost efficiency advantages. Cloud solutions also have the potential to transform businesses by innovating the way technology is provisioned and adopted throughout an organization.

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A business technology revolution

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Risk in the new ICT landscape

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Big Data
Revolution in business analytics

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How to Cut Through Cloud Complexity and implement Successful Cloud Solutions in your Company

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Cloud computing, a complex journey

Transitioning to the cloud is a complex journey. It is often marked by various commercial and technical challenges and risks. Therefore, it is essential to have a trusted, experienced partner at your side. You need a partner who can help you chart a roadmap that is as unique as the business outcomes you desire.

We at Fujitsu draw on one of the strongest cloud portfolios in the industry and the experience we have gained successfully delivering over 2000 cloud projects worldwide. Using our experience we will advise you on the right cloud solutions for your organization.

We fuse the various platforms you deploy for a more intelligent user experience. Furthermore we support you with the professional and managed services you need.

It’s time for a new approach. It’s time for Fujitsu Cloud.

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