If you want to really learn scalability and performance, just take a look at the below mentioned top architectures of the world IT.


1) WhatsApp Architecture


2) Flickr Architecture



3) Amazon Architecture



4) Stack Overflow Architecture


5) Google Architecture


6) YouTube Architecture


7) Pinterest Architecture


8) Twitter Architecture


9) Instagram Architecture


10) Facebook Architecture


11) Akamai Network Architecture



12) TripAdvisor Architecture


13) Prismatic Architecture


14) Salesforce Architecture



15) Mailbox Architecture



16) Cinchcast Architecture


17) Stubhub Architecture


18) ESPN Architecture


19) AOL Architecture


20) Netflix Architecture


21) DataSift Architecture


22) Justin.tv Architecture


23) Playfish Architecture



24) FarmVille Architecture



Experience is the biggest teacher, and no books or coaches can be a better teacher than learning from experience. It’s never too late to learn more 🙂



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