Cloud based AlwaysOn AG

In a SQL Server 2014, it’s possible to create an AlwaysOn Availability Group in Azure. You have two options

1. You can either create an availability that resides entirely in the cloud, or

2nd option. You can create a hybrid environment. AlwaysOn Availability Group in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure, you need the following:

** A virtual network setup in Azure

** A storage account setup

** A Microsoft Azure domain controller


** One or more Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines with SQL Server 2014 installed and configured for AlwaysOn Availability Group.

It’s the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Microsoft takes you through creating the necessary Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Here is Hybrid AG:

Microsoft Azure-based virtual machines to create a hybrid Availability Group. To do this, you need:

** A virtual network that contains multiple subnets, including a frontend and a backend subnet

** A domain controller and the SQL Server 2014 machines that you need to run behind a VPN device in your on-premise network

** A site-to-site VPN connection between the Microsoft Azure VPN device & your on premise VPN device

** A SQL Server VM deployed to the backend subnet in Microsoft Azure and joined to your on premise AD domain

** A WSFC multisite cluster with the Node Majority quorum model

** An Availability Group with two synchronous commit replicas on on-premise and one asynchronous-commit replica on Windows Azure

To add a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine to the existing on-premise AlwaysOn Availability Group, when you have the infrastructure listed in place, you can – rightclick ->
on the Availability Group and choose Add Replica to start the wizard. The Add Replica page will open and you need to select the Add Azure Replica option.
Show as below – Add Azure Replica ->















You can now run through the rest of the wizard to add the Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine replica to your AG. That its, you done 🙂

Let me know if you have any further question and your comments will be learning point.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)