What’s new for SQL Server 2017 running on Linux.

CTP 2.0 now

The CTP 2.0 release contains the following improvements and fixes:
  1. Added Log Shipping functionality for SQL Server Agent.
  2. Localized messages of mssql-conf.
  3. Linux path formatting are now compatible throughout the SQL Server Engine. But support for “C:\” prefixed paths will continue.
  4. Enabled DMV sys.dm_os_file_exists.
  5. Enabled DMV sys.fn_trace_gettable.
  6. Added CLR Strict Security mode.
  7. SQL Graph.
  8. Resumable Online Index Rebuilds.
  9. Adaptive Query Processing.
  10. Added UTF-8 encoding for system files, including log files.
  11. Fixed In-memory databases location limitation.
  12. Add new cluster type CLUSTER_TYPE = EXTERNAL for configuring an availability group for high availability.
  13. Fix Availability Group Listener for read-only routing.
  14. Production support for Early Adoption Program (EAP) customers. Sign up here.
This release supports many of the SQL Server database engine features for Linux. The topic below is broken into sections for each release, beginning with the most recent release, CTP 2.0. See the information in each section for supported platforms, tools, features, and known issues. Microsoft’s marketing material is now officially referring to it as SQL Server 2017


SQL Server 2017 covered in this topic.
Release date
CTP 2.0
CTP 1.4
CTP 1.3
CTP 1.2
CTP 1.1
CTP 1.0
“SQL Server vNext will be launched this year with the UK launch 31 May 2017.” a May marketing launch would tie in nicely with PASS’s delayed call for Summit speakers,


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